Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Bridal Dress Idea: Custom Made a Celebrity Dress

How about having a custom-made celebrity style dress for your wedding? If you have a favorite star and love one of her dresses very much, will you want to own it too, or make it for your wedding dress? If you can't afford the top designer dresses, how about custom made it? Maybe not the 100% similar, but who cares, what you want just the style, the feeling to wear a dress from your favorite star, only make sure dress is elaborate and high quality. Then who can help you to get such a dress? Maybe a local tailor or a custom made online shop, usually it is much expensive to custom made a dress in a local Tailor and few online shops can offer custom made service, sounds find a perfect place to get the celebrity style dress is not so easy.

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 01

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 02

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 03

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 04

So we are here, the 2in1WeddingDresses, who not only special for convertible wedding dresses in designer styles, but also offers custom-made service! We can't promise to make the dress exactly like the one you want, because the material of the celebrity dress usually very rare and precious, usually very expensive, of course. But we will elaborate every dress and don't worry, our tailors are all have more than 10 years experience in wedding dress making.You can specify your special requirements, such as the color the fabric, and if you want a little different in the designer style, point it out. In this way, we can make it much closer to your mind. After we finished the pattern, we will send the pictures back to you. Only after getting your satisfaction will we continue our work. Email to service@2in1weddingdresses.com to make a custom dress query.

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress: Blake Lively

Custom Made a Blake Lively Dress

Custom Made a Blake Lively Wedding Dress

Blake Lively: Custom Made a Wedding Dress

Blake Lively Style:Custom Made a Wedding Dress

Blake Lively Style Wedding Dress

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